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Nature Tarifa and Orca-Films in joint venture with an amazing pioneering project of formation on the technique of filming wildlife documentaries.

We`re going to discover the secrets of an authentic natural history documentary from inside, by the hand of its director and script writer, the biologist Fernando Lopez-Mirones, author of more than 120 documentaries , amongst them, the very first productions in Spain of National Geographic, BBC History Unit, Survival and ORF..

On the Strait of Gibraltar, one of the richest points on bio-diversity in the planet, we will submerge ourselves in the interior of the filming of ULTIMATUNA, a passionate documentary film whose main star is the giant red tuna, the greatest fish of the oceans, on its spectacular migration from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean sea, and also with its struggle with a great enemy who tries to capture him, the Orca. 
This struggle of titans between the orca and the tuna is produced every year in these waters, and it constitutes a natural phenomenum unique on earth., that was also known by the Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians, and also Neanderthals, being the base of the well known myth of Atlantis, which was here as the well known Hercules Columns, the Strait of Gibraltar.

We will be witnesses in first person of the amazing universe that surrounds the red tuna:
orcasThe Orcas hunters of giant tunas...

almadrabaAncestral techniques in fishing still being used nowadays can only be seen here...

baelo-claudiaRoman cities like Baelo Claudia, exclusively dedicates itself to the red giant fishing...

And endless surprising things that will change our perception of the Mediterranean culture as we know it...
lostresOnly a reduced group of assistants will have the privilege to recreate the documentary scenes, on the same locations by the hand of its own director who will accompany us during the entire course that will be given by himself.

With incredible human means and technicians only for the groups service, we will live some passionate days in a luxurious surrounding together with a close and familiar atmosphere.


The accommodation will be at our exclusive Villa of 600m2 situated in the heart of the Alcornocales National Park, with incredible views over Africa, the Straights National Park and its waters.
This course is the perfect way to combine your holidays, with your family or friends, also with your hobby for the amazing world of wildlife documentaries. At the same time, it`s a very high quality course for those who wish to work in the wildlife documentary industry in the future, Cam Operators, Investigation, realization, and specialized press, etc...
Be the first to live this unique unrepeatable experience! Limited Vacancies...


Director`s letter:

fernando"I have never ever heard anything so exiting as this idea that NATURE TARIFA proposes. Going back with a reduced group of people to the " Natural scenarios" where the making of the film Ultimatuna took place, that is now being viewed on screens all over the world, it`s just like living it all over once again. All the experience that we have gained throughout the three years that filming lasted, was condensed in four intensive days, thanks to the presence of the tunas and the orca whales in these magic waters which is an annual phenomenon, but now, yes, it`s predictable. For me it`s an incredible opportunity to revive these emotions once again in a place that has no comparison in the world, because only in the Strait of Gibraltar you can find a combination of wild animals, ancestral cultures and absolute luxury, security, accessibility under an extraordinary climate. Welcome to "La Rosa de los Vientos", where the seas of two continents embrace each other, the path of the titans, the Strait of Gibraltar. "

Fernando López-Mirones