viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

THE TRIBE of the SUIT (THE SELFISH APE documentary film trilogy), coming soon. Primates, apes, chimpanzees, gorilla, simians, evolution, sociobiology)

"They call me the Selfish Ape; soon you’ll know why. I’m the primate we all unknowingly carry inside.
I belong to the most successful tribe that ever existed. But I am desperate; something has gone awry. I’m going to show you how I got to this point: It all started many, many years ago…
This is oldest story in the World. The war that made not only us primates what we are… but all other animals as well. Our lineage evolved out there, in a dangerous world in which only the winners are capable of surviving.
Some families acquired fangs, others acquired amazing adaptations that enabled them to prosper in the most inhospitable places on the planet. These fierce clashes made us learn; they shaped us in the only law we have become the true masters of.
To compete, to eat, to destroy.
From a caste of vegetarian primates, we had to learn to kill, and thus we became carnivores.
But our tree-dwelling past shaped us forever.
Is it possible that the Tribe of the Tie is favoring the failure of the best over the mediocre?

Many scientists assure this: there is a strong tendency to try to destroy anyone who stands out. When a true genius arrives in our midst, he or she can be recognized because of one common behavior pattern: all mediocre members conspire against them.
Some doctors has described this as AIM: Active Inoperative Mediocrity Syndrome; people whose objective it is to annihilate the advance of a brilliant person.
If it is true that this is happening, everything makes sense. The Tribe of the Tie has inverted the natural order of things: changing natural selection, which prized the most prepared, for social selection, which gives the power to the worst.
We’re out of control as a species".

(Abstract of the script of the documentary film The Tribe of the Suit, of the trilogy THE SELFISH APE, copyright F.L-MIRONES. SGAE)

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